Intel Will Have Us Printing Our Own Robot By the End of the Year! Not Kidding!!!

          Intel Just announced that it plans on us being able to print the Robot you see pictured above by the end of the year.  Now sure, they are only selling you the inside motherboard, wires and guts (which will cost about $1500).  But, you get to print the rest!  This may sound a little far fetched because most of us don't have 3D printers yet, but we aren't that far off.  More importantly our kids schools are even closer to being able to get funding to pull this off. 

          As a father of two 13 year old geek boys (they are ok with being geeks :) who are very excited to be starting into the world of robot creation through 4H this year (Who knew 4H was getting into robotics?).  I would be very supportive of them working with this new Intel robot.  Supposedly the robot will be open source to the internet community.  Meaning everyone around the world will be working to help this little bot perform more and more cool tasks.  I can only hope my kids will be the first to ride the wave of robotics I feel is on it's way!