Had a great time playing the new board game about the Greek Island of Santorini! 

Well, I am a sucker for abstract strategy board games. I love being able to learn how to play a game in 2 minutes and then play it forevermore. When you add on to that the fact that it is also based off of the look of a real life Island bear Greece. AMAZING!

Wow, what a beautiful view!  

Pretty cool how similar the look and feel of the game is to the real life place. 

I love that it has a rock base that resembles the volcanic rock upon which the island is built. 

The gameplay is fun and you can even have up to 4 players. Pretty rare for an abstract strategy game. Very cool game that lasts only about 15 - 20 minutes. Perfect thinking man’s filler game. 

Quite possibly #Marvel ‘s worst #comic cover ever. 

So, since I can not afford the incredibly expensive hobby of collecting the first issue of major characters in the Marvel universe, I have instead took up the hobby of collecting Marvel’s worst creations. I have to say it has been a crazy amount of fun. The best part is that I get the vast majority of these worst of the worst comics in the $1 bin at most comic stores. Well this weekend, I was privelidhed to find what I would consider one of the worst looking covers I have ever seen to grace a Marvel #1 issue. What a way to start a series!  I am not sure if it is the terrible name Comet Man, or the 50’s font, or the pink comet hiloght that makes it so bad. Or maybe it is the amazing 7th grade English folder illustration. I don’t know, but oh man this is a good one in terms of worst looking covers ever!  

Best alarm clock ever for #Harrypotter fans?

Now if only it flew around the room and hit you with bludgers to make sure you wake up. 

Why yes, I will make my next house key a Zelda / Link one!

Oh my awesome. Talk about nerdy and cool. I have twin 16 year old boys that have grown up loving Zelda. Now they have convinced their 9 year old brother to love it as well. So proud!

Wow. What a super brilliant Harry Potter pillow!

My latest invention to get kids talking to their parents!

          This is from my book of inventions designed to get parents and kids talking more at bedtime!  Basically, you read about the invention with your child and then ask each other the questions that follow to start a fun and silly conversation. Makes for a fun bedtime routine! My kids love it:) 
          This #invention is called the Clam Protector. It is smaller than a dime and can be placed on any person or object. When that object begins to fall, the clam grows instantly large enough to engulf the person or object and protect them from the fall!  Perfect for iPhones or accident- prone #toddlers. 

Bedtime questions:  

What is the worst fall you have ever had?  

If you could do anything at a beach, what would you want to do?