Burton and Depp WIll Not Reunite on Alice in Wonderland Sequel. Burton is Out.

I feel like I am one of the few people on the planet that actually enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland remake.  I never saw it in 3D, so I had nothing to be disappointed in in terms of that.  I had also heard how terrible it was by the time I sat down to watch it with my 6 kids.  Thus, we were pleasantly surprised with how not bad it was.  I tried to watch it again a couple of years later and it was not as good, but still decent.  So, I was just reading a story about the new actor hired for this franchise (the Mad Hatter's Dad will be played by Luna Lovegood's Dad from the Harry Potter franchise) when I saw that Burton would not be directing Depp in this one.  Depp will be back for sure, but he will be joined by the Director of the new Muppet Movies.  I guess we will see how that turns out, but I am happy for my family to be able to see stories coming from the land of Wonderland!