Geeky Bedtime Story Idea: Room Cleaning Musical Instrument

                All kids want to play an instrument.  Heck, they even want to play it fantastically well.  It is the nasty little thing called practice that gets in the way.  The kids that like to practice are few and far between.  In fact they are usually the kids that become good at the instrument.  This new instrument gives you a great reason to play.
              Once you start playing this instrument, nothing happens.  However, once you hit two correct notes in a row, it sends a radio signal out to everything in your room.  The better you play, the more your room cleans itself.   You eventually become the pied piper of clean up.
                Now in order to get a job as a janitor you can break your back the old fashioned way, or just become a very good trumpet, piano, or even tuba player. 

Brilliant Little Bedtime Conversation Starters
Which instrument would you play?
Which instrument would you want your little brother to play?
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