Here is the Main Plot Line for the New Spiderman 2099!

In the 90's, Marvel ran some stories that took place in the year 2099.  One of their most popular comics was Spider-man 2099, of course.  So, Marvel has decided to bring the webslinger from the future back for another tour!  Only this time, there is quite a plot twist.  You see, Spider-man from the future will not be living in the future.  The new comic will be set in modern day.  The New Spider-man 2099 will actually be a fish out of water story where the Spider-man from the future will come back in time to the present day in order to prevent disasters in the future.  Since I love time travel, scifi, and fish out of water stories (Back to the Future is perfect!) I think I will enjoy this one!  The question is, once the current Spider-man movies run out of gas, will Sony move over to a Spider-man 2099 movie, and if so, wouldn't it make more financial sense to set it in the present day?