Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Quick Retro Review

So, tha fam and I cracked open Temple of Doom for a family movie night here last night. I gotta say, it was way better than I remembered on my last viewing. I know why. In a word: kids!  The last time I watched this was by myself as a movie critic and frankly, it stunk by comparison to Last Crusade (my favorite of the bunch). However, this time, all 6 of my kids ages 5-13 watched along with me and it was a hoot!  They fell instantly in love with Short round and that campy but bombastic opening in China. They loved the raft ride, and the zanyness of the obnoxious Willy. I even forgot some of witty lines coming from Dr. Jones. The whole dinner and bugs in the hall scene was simply a joy with kids. Yes, we had to fast forward the pulling out of the heart, and cover their ears for a couple of sexual innuendo moments, but the rest was not too bad for kids. Believe me, it was nothing compared to today's PG-13 fare!  The mine cart chase scene was suitably exciting for them and the memorable hanging bridge scene worked well. All in all, they loved Dr. Jones this go round, and I can't wait to introduce them to the Last Crusade next. The best part is they can't wait either. Surprise, surprise, Indiana, in the Temple of Doom you've still got it ... at least the kids think so.