These Sprinkles Make Your Nemesis Cry 3 times Before the Day is Over

            Do you ever wish your nemesis would trip three times in front of your Spanish class?  Or perhaps you wished they would sing in the front of class with their finger up their nose?  The Necessary Sprinkles can help with that!
            Sprinkle these lovely tiny sprinkles onto someone’s food and say out loud what it is you would like them to do.  The sprinkles, once eaten, will then make it “necessary” for that person to do what you said out loud at least 3 times before the end of the day.  I suppose it could be used for good as well, like “hit 3 home runs today,” or “tell your mom you love her.”

Brilliant Little Bedtime Conversation Starters
What is one thing you would make your best friend have to do 3 times in one day?
What is one thing you would make the school bully do three times before the end of the day?