What I Learned After Watching My First Star Trek Episode Ever

                I have now finished my first episode of the beloved sci-fi classic Star Trek.  I figured I had better begin at the beginning, and so thus began with the original series.   Next, I wanted to start as early as I could; however, I wanted a pure experience.  I knew I had seen bits and pieces of the first two episodes, so I began on Episode 3: Where No Man Has Gone Before.  In case you are catching up, this is an episode in which the crew of the Enterprise flies through some weird purple cloud thing in space which makes people with esp type abilities on the ship become godlike in their esp abilities. 

                So here, in summary is what I learned:

1)      I loved it! 

2)      The hand to hand combat scenes are as bad as any Sinbad movie

3)      The special effects in space are a very mixed bag somewhere between close to today’s standards and the worst you have ever scene.

4)      The special effects up close on planets and in space ships are really awful, dreadful and any other negative word you can think of.

5)      Spock began with a yellow shirt, not a blue one.

6)      Spock also began with yellow make-up skin. (Totally weird)

7)      Jim can emote!

8)      So can Spock? 

9)      The plot was pretty high concept.  I know it is crazy, but I can see this one episode’s plotline being a whole movie by today’s standards.  And, it was a pretty engaging plotline to boot.

10)   Jim is very acrobatic, sometimes for no reason.

11)   Where is McCoy?  I miss Bones (As does my wife. He is her favorite)

12) Deep themes are everywhere: What does it mean to be a God.  What does it mean to be human?  Do Gods have emotions?  Do God’s have negative emotions?  Does absolute power have to absolutely corrupt?
                All in all, I can see why Star Trek was a hit.  Yes, it is off the charts campy when the fight scenes are happening.  But, the chemistry between Kirk and Spock is already there in spades.  The deep philosophical exploration of themes is impactful, and expression of raw emotion from Kirk is oddly moving.  I am one episode in and I already “get it.”  Here’s hoping the other episodes can continue the winning streak in my geek brain!