Here is the name and look of the new Star wars Villain in Episode VII

Episode VII is shaking things up a bit in terms of villains.  Star Wars has always had a long tradition of meaningful names (most having some form of Darth in them).  This time around, his name has no Darth involved.  It is simply Kylo Ren.  Does anyone know a foreign language where this means something? What do you think of Kylo's look? It is ok to me.  Not sure how I feel about the 4 lines on his forhead.  I can say, however, that when I saw Darth Maul, I was really underwhelmed.  A guy with facepaint was going to be our new villain?  But then when I saw him in action, he became one of my favorite characters from the prequels.  Guess we'll see with Kylo.