How to Make Your Morning Happier

          I woke up today a bit on the cranky side.  Things did not go as planned the night before and today looked to be more of the same.  Yuck.  Thankfully, I had a moment of enlightenment that turned my whole morning around.  More importantly, it turned my family’s morning around.
           The epiphany I had was that maybe today wasn’t supposed to be about me.   I thought if I could just see the day about my opportunity to serve other people, it might go better.  So, I began complementing my kids on what they were wearing to school.  I began being positive in my attitude in general as an effort to serve my kids by sending them off with a happy home environment.
          It was a miracle.
          What started off as a dreary morning for all, turned out to be quite a pleasant time together.  All because my focus went from what is going to be good for me today to what can I make good for others today.  That in turn brought happiness to others around me and made me happy as well!