Here is officially when the new era for Nintendo begins!

This is actually pretty huge news.  In case you have missed it, Nintendo is finally going to be developing games for your mobile devices.  Real full blown Nintendo games from real established Nintendo franchises.  They are not just porting over some old classics, they are going to be making new games!  This is huge because Nintendo said they would never do this.  In fact they have said this many many times.  Yet, bere we are in a whole new video game world.  Nintendo has now gone on record as saying these new mobile games for other platforms than Nintendo will be a major pillar of the companies planned future success.  This is incredibly good news for those of us with a perfectly capable videogame system in our pocket (our Androids and iPhones) and don't want to carry around a huge Nintendo 3DS as well, or pay $150 to get it.  So when do we see this new era for Nintendo begin?  There first game is due to come out by the end of this year.  And the company has now committed to 4 more major titles by March of 2017.