This Sticker Tells Everyone How Much Effort You Put In Today - Dream for Some, Nightmare for Others

            We have all done our very best at laying around and doing nothing on a Saturday.  And then, someone comes along and tries to tell you that you have put in entirely too much effort.  Seems like nothing you can do convinces them of the lazy loafer you were today.  The Maximum Effort Patch will help!

            Just be sure to always have this handy dandy sticker on the back of your hand at all times (yes, it is waterproof).  Then whenever someone wants to know how hard you have been working on something, they just ask you a question out loud and your sticker displays the exact percentage of effort you have put forth.  From now on, no one will ever think you tried your hardest again!

Brilliant Little Bedtime Conversation Starters
What do you try the hardest at, that no one notices?
If you could pick just one thing for people to notice you for, what would it be?