Got this game for my wife for her birthday. So funny!

     Crappy Birthday is basically Apples to Apples, except way more funny.  All of the players have a hand full of cards.  Each card has a picture with a funny description of some terrible birthday present.  Examples include: A giant lobster sculpture that you must display on your front lawn permanently, an olympic ski jump after 1 month of lessons, a 10 hour silent movie marathon etc.  One person per turn gets to be the birthday boy/girl.  On their turn, the rest of the players choose which present they will hate the most and turn them in to the birthday boy/girl.  The birthday boy/girl then selects which one would truly be the worst.  Whoever’s gift was selected scores a point.

     We have played it twice now.  Once with my wife and I and all 6 of our kids ages 7-14, and the second time with mostly adults.  We had a really fun time both times we played it!  The only drawback I can see at this point is that the cards eventually stop being new and surprising, thus they are no longer as funny.  The game can still be played, but it does lose a little bit of an edge.  The way I looked at it though, was for $18 the game was definitely worth 3-4 nights of laughs.  After the initial laughs are done, we are planning to just play the game differently to keep it fresh.  One example would be that the birthday boy/girl would now pick which gift they like the most, or which gift Grandma Jones would like the most, or which gift you would like to give your principle the most etc.  All in all we are very happy to have bought this fun little game.  You can buy it here on Amazon!