Here are the top 5 reasons you should see Chris Pine's new sci-fi movie tomorrow!

           This movie is a joy to watch.  In some ways, this could be categorized as a slow –burn sci-fi story.  No, that does not ruin any of the plot.  We are told right off the bat that this is set in the future in a time when everyone has been whipped off of the planet except one girl in the woods (Well, on a farm really).  It is a simple existence she lives, until she finds another older black man alive.  Over time they begin to like each other even though they are not the best match.  And then, Chris Pine arrives.  That changes everything.  Now let’s look at the top 5 reasons to see Z for Zachariah.

1)Chris pine is showing some serious dramatic acting here.  It is good to see some range from everyone’s favorite starship captain.  And he is great in this!

2) What an intriguing story of awkwardness.  Can you imagine falling for someone who you think is the last man on the planet only to find out there is someone you are much more suited to?  Awkwardness and drama begins.

3) It is the best kind of sci-fi story.  What I mean is a sci-fi story with an emotional hook and characters that are 3 dimensional.

4) A non-action sci-fi movie.  It can be done people!  This gives hope for the days in the future when Hollywood can no longer make big budget action sci-fi.  Small budget sci-fi can still be amazing!

5) The ending.  No worries I will not tell you.  But we will just say it is not your typical ending to a sci-fi or a romance.  Great stuff.

     Don’t miss Z for Zachariah.  If you like sci-fi, romance, thrillers, etc.  This is a great movie you will enjoy to the end.