This game was so much fun for us and all our 6 kids. Seriously great game!

     On the surface, Diamonster looks like a quick little card game for kids.  That is definitely half right.  Yes, Diamonsters is a quick little card game.  And, it certainly made my kids happy.  But I think that short changes the level of fun we all had (teenagers and adults included) while playing this excellent game!  The rules are criminally simple to this game.  And believe me, with 6 kids I am grateful for that.  I had explained how to play the game in under 5 minutes to all of my children after I had watched a 5 minute video on Youtube.  It was so simple.  Simple, yet strategic.  In fact, each hand of this game is insanely fast, strategic, and intense.

     Diamonsters  is fast, because each hand takes about 7 seconds to play.  It is strategic, because you are constantly guessing what the other players will play and planning accordingly.  It is intense, because all players reveal their played cards at the same time revealing who wins the hand.  There was not a single hand where we did not make a bunch of noise, cheering, booing, or something crazy to express surprise as to who won the hand.  Can you name another game that has that kind of intensity for a 7 year old through a 40 year old?  I’m telling you the game is great fun.  We played until someone won 3 rounds (the directions said so) which took us about 20 minutes.  It is the perfect length of game for this family as with 6 kids, we sometimes have to just squeeze in a little game while waiting for the next event to begin.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with Diamonsters from IDW games.  Get it here on Amazon!