A really fantastic 2 player twist on the classic Rush Hour game!

Well, ThinkFun is at it again with another wonderful strategy game that is way fun and just works. It works on many levels here thanks to some innovative switching up of the original masterpiece: Rush Hour.  In Rush Hour Shift, two players at odds with one another to try to get their car to the other side of traffic.

In the original Rush Hour game, each level was a static puzzle where you had to think several steps ahead to accomplish the goal of beating the traffic jam.  With Rush Hour Shift, ThinkFun has created a tactical element to add to the fun.  By tactical, what is meant is that you can not simply plan several steps ahead because everything changes with each players turn.  Thus you must wait to see what your opponent does before deciding what tactic you will use next.  This tactical element also adds a great amount of speed and fun to the game.  What used to be a great brain burner is now a splendid tit for tat.  One player might move two cars in your path, so you respond by shifting the entire board and moving both of those cars completely out of your way.

My 9 year old loved this game so much, he insisted we play three games in a row to be sure his dad knew who was the king (he was!)  Another bonus is that each game only took us between 10 and 15 minutes to play.  This was perfect for my six kids with varying abilities to pay attention to board games.

All in all, ThinkFun has created yet another fun and fast paced and even quick game that my family treasures.  Can't wait to see where this amazing road ThinkFun is on will lead.  But in the mean time, we will enjoy ourselves being stuck in traffic immensely. Get it here on Amazon!