Brilliant game to teach kids coding, and it is actually fun!

In Code Master, your job is to get your guy to the ending portal.  You do this by laying out a list of tasks given certain moves available to you.  For example, you have 2 jumps, and one slide, what order do you have to put those in so that your guy can reach the portal.  Thus, the game does a fine job of teaching some coding concepts making you feel like you are becoming smarter the more you play the game!

Last night I sat down to try code master myself.  Within moments I was having fun (a surprise for a game with "code" in the title:) and was able to solve the first puzzle myself.  "Well, this is pretty easy," I thought to myself.  So, I skipped ahead a few levels and tried again.  No problem. Took a little longer, but I was still able to pull out a win.  Again, I skipped a few levels and became stuck.  I tried various paths to accomplish the goal of the level.  I tried and tried and could not solve it.  My worst fears about the game were coming true.  A puzzle game that is impossible to solve.  Yuck.
So, I called my 14 year old over.  I explained to him in about 15 seconds how to play.  He also couldn't figure it out.  I skimmed through the directions again and realized you were able to use the same path twice.  Ooooooh! My 14 year old and I said and proceeded to solve the puzzle handedly.  the funny part is that my 9 year old happened to hear us struggling and watched on as we just could not figure it out, knowing that he had already solved it with ease.  The point being that my family has become quite the "coders" with this fun little single player puzzle game.  The game is the type that will take you about 3 minutes to learn how to play then hours and hours to have fun trying to "beat the game."

My son who usually does not like anything unless it involves a ball and some action, really took to this as the puzzles are fast and feel somewhat like playing a video game with the levels progressively becoming harder the more you play.  All in all, I am not sure you will become a "code master" in terms of learning to code a computer, but you will undoubtedly have fun with this puzzle game as well as learn some of the basic principles of coding along the way.  Great brain burner of a game for kids that they will actually like!  Get it here online at Target!