Here is the best action figure line in years!

We were thrilled to open up one of Hasbro/Marvel's new creations in the form of the Super Hero Mashers.  At first, it looks like a simple bunch of action hero pieces.  But once my kids figured out what these pieces could do, they were enthralled!  See, the pieces are all interchangeable with one another!  You can give Captain America huge Hulk arms, Iron-man legs, and a Thor head.  My kids could not believe their good fortune in uncovering this treasure chest of super hero parts.

Seriously, I thought the fun would only last a few minutes and they would get bored.  But that is when the magic happened.  The kids forgot I was there and began down the path of trying to amaze each other with their next zany creation.  Just when you thought they could no longer have very many combinations, they would figure out that they could also put arms where legs used to be etc.  They had so much fun.  When they went to bed that night, I thought, "well that was a surprisingly big hit!"  Little did I know they would get up the next morning and skip breakfast so that they could stay in their room making all new creations.  Way to go Hasbro for giving my kids a new artistic pallet!  Why would you ever buy an action figure without interchangeable parts ever again?  Love this toy!

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