My Family Enjoyed This Smaller Faster Risk-like Mini Boardgame

There just aren't that many game you can easily bring on vacation. They are so huge you would have to leave clothing behind in order to bring them. Well,  such is not the case with Pocket Imperium which clocks in at about a whopping 7 inches in height. But,  for such a little game,  you will be shocked with how much strategy is contained Therein.

In Pocket Imperium your main goal is to score points by taking control of planets. Yes,  this is basically an area control strategy game with a space theme. We actually felt like the space theme fit quite nicely as you are in a huge race to conquer planets as the point of the game. One of the dynamics of the game is a changing turn order. This mixes up the play enough to constantly keep you on your toes and keep you guessing what your opponents will do next. As we played our game I was constantly surprised with what my two opponents did next which caused me to make several tactical decisions in the heat of the moment. I loved this element of the game!

My kids actually played this one before I did which says something in and of itself. First off,  it looks dang cool. The quality of each player's wood pieces are outstanding,  the sections of the board are thick cardboard that will last and last,  and the game is just small enough to catch everyone's eye. Not to mention you have a modular board that can be arranged as pleased leading to variety and endless opportunities for unique games. The other thing that can be noted about my kids playing it before me is that the rules are pretty simple. This is a good thing.

In the end,  we have an extremely portable, great looking game,  that plays alot like a miniature way faster risk,  or even better it plays like a board game version of the popular app Galcon.  Either way,  I am looking forward to may more games of Pocket Imperium! Get it here on Amazon!