The Best Disney Game Yet for Kids and Parents!

Disney Infinity is back for a 3rd edition!  Let me tell you, this edition of the huge mega franchise series blows the other two away.  My kids love everything that Disney has to offer.  And now that Disney also has Marvel and Star Wars, Disney could not be cooler.  That being said, when they tried to play the previous two iterations of the game, something was not quite right for them.  They enjoyed them for sure, but it was still just a little short of perfection.  This time out, Disney Infinity is a solid Home Run in every best possible way.

I am not sure there is a bigger Star Wars loving family on the planet (We have 6 kids, all of whom adore Star Wars).  So when we find out someone is making a video game with the franchise, you can imagine our hopes concerning the title.  Enter Disney infinity 3.0.  This game has been on our radar ever sense we first saw the pics of the figures so long ago.  And, much to our pleasure, the game does not disappoint!!! Seriously it is one of the best Star Wars games to come out in years (Oh please let us be saying the same thing about the Force Awakens in a few months!).  
The Star Wars play pack that is included as the main starter pack bundle for a reason.  The game rocks!  The Star Wars levels alone are about a 6 hour game in itself that must not be missed.  Even if you do not like Star Wars, you will have a blast playing this.  The powers the Jedi have, the pod racing, the space battles, the light saber duels.  It is all just so polished and great this time.  You will feel like the Star Wars mode alone is worth the price of admission.  Then you will discover the toy box mode again.

I say you will experience the toy box mode again because it is so much better this time around.  The reason it is better is because you will actually have fun learning how to do things in toy box mode.  In past versions of the game, it was a bit of a confusing mess.  But this time around, you will learn to do a little something and then have fun doing it.  Yes, I am saying the tutorial modes are fun!  In toy box modes, you will have races, stunt courses, paintball matches etc.  It really is a blast.
In the end, Disney has decided to take this Disney Infinity franchise to its maximum level of coolness.  They have gone all in here, and it will pay off.  The toys are spectacular looking and feeling.  The game play is amazing before you even start building anything.  The building is super-fun. And then you have an endless amount of levels to download from the community of makers out in the world.  It is the game that will keep on giving for a very long time, and we cannot wait to see what is next!   Get it here on Amazon!