What a Brilliant Family Strategy Board Game!

Machi Koro from IDW Games was just what the doctor ordered for our family on board game night this weekend!  The game took us about 5 minutes of watching a “how to play” video on Youtube before we knew the basics of the game enough to introduce it to the family.  Our first game’s players consisted of my two 14 year olds playing with us and my 10 year old daughter (all of which, you should know, begged me to play this game again with them over the next few days). The game was a hit!  This is a very light strategy game for the whole family (I know for a fact the kids wanted to play it so much they taught it to my 7 year old the next day – who also loved it!).   

The gist of the game is that you are trying to build certain buildings by the end of the game.  In order to build those buildings, you must earn money.  In order to earn money, someone has to role your number with the dice.  Thus, every person’s turn is important to every player as everyone is waiting for their number to be rolled!  Now, once you get money, you can either save it, or spend the money on other buildings which then give you more ability to earn more money.

Let’s not forget the artwork here.  The artwork is just so much fun.  Everyone that has played the game with us now has mentioned how much they like the graphics.
What we loved about the game was that it had that Settlers of Catan feel, but simpler.  What I mean by that, was that every single turn for anyone playing involved everyone playing.  Literally, ever person’s turn was exciting for 40 minutes straight.  What a game!

The only thing that could have made this game a little better was more players being allowed to play.  Oh wait, they can!  There is a 5 player expansion to this game, which we have yet to try.  However with the amount of love coming from my family for Machi Koro, getting an expansion is a no brainer!   Get it here on Amazon!