Really fun dino-themed card game!

Gamewright is always coming up with perfect little gems of games.  They just have a way of being able to hit the sweet spot when it comes to combining a theme kids will love with a game element kids will have fun with.  Super Tooth is one of those games.

As you open Super Tooth for the first time, you will instantly notice that the components are fun and funny with perhaps the best pieces being the teeth!  They are just fun little cardboard dinosaur teeth, but they really make it a cute game.  The artwork on the cards is a playful cartoony tone that kids will surely enjoy.

The way the game works, is that you are trying to win 3 dinosaur teeth.  In order to do that, you must collect sets of dinos.  On your turn, you flip over cards until there are three face up cards.  If they are all herbivores (educational!) you pick one and your turn is over.  If two or more are the same card, you get to keep the matching ones. All is well, until a carnivore (educational again!) arrives.  When you turn over a carnivore, you must get rid of him by card play or lose your turn.  The other type of card that can show up is an event card that can really make the game zany.  For example, an event card could make everyone in the game mix their cards together and redeal.  Some kids will live this, and some will dislike the randomness of this.  If you have the latter in your crew, it is easy enough to just remove the event cards that cause this much craziness.

The theme of dinosaurs was fun and clever, and I loved the idea of collecting nice herbivores and chasing away the carnivores before they hurt anyone.  All in all, This is a great family game that is sure to hit our gaming table many times in the future! 

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