This board game is waaaaaaay better than Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity!

At this point, it is probably safe to say that we have all played Apples to Apples.  It is a great game that will probably stand the test of time with its utter simplicity and fun nature.  But, what if we want something a little bit deeper?  What if we want something that will probe deeper conversations, a little more intellectual thought?  In my opinion, that is what the Metagame has to offer.

Many would be inclined to compare this to Cards Against Humanity, which admittedly has a completely brilliant name.  However, for some of us, Cards of Humanity was a bit out of reach because of its crassness.  Again, the Metagame fixes this (plus in the history of gaming, it is actually The Metagame that inspired Cards Against Humanity!).

The game includes opinion cards that say things like “Which feels like first love.”  Then there are culture cards that say things like “leg warmers” and “unicorns.”  Your job usually in these 6 games is to make a case for why your culture card fits the opinion card.  These cards are like the best ice-breakers ever at a social event!

But enough about all that.  How does the game play.  Well, this is one of the awesome selling points of this game.  The makers of the game see The Metagame as more of a foundation to other games than anything else.  The game itself comes with directs to 6 games that can be played with this one deck of cards.  6 games people!!! That is pretty amazing.  Not to mention, you can add on expansion packs of cards to make the game even more cater to your tastes (I personally cannot wait to dig into the sci-fi and Film decks!).

The game itself is extremely well made and just feels like it will be on your shelf for a very long time.  It is durable and has great artwork on it (love the white space with hints of color).
But here is the real issue.  All of this flexibility and greatness of quality in the parts of the game do not matter if the game play is no good.  The question is, could the game makers make even one of the 6 game types worth the purchase price of the game.  The answer is a resounding yes … times 6!!! 

All 6 games are really a lot of fun.  My family adores a game called Chronology which makes you make a timeline out of the cards you have been given.  This is actually one of the 6 games included in the box.  All of the culture cards actually tell you what date the cultural even occurred.

Another of my favorite games in the box is the Quilt game where you are tasked with playing an almost domino type game where each turn, you lay down one of your cards, trying to make it fit into the quilt already being created by the whole group.

Yet another game allows you to play a debate with up to and more than 33 players.  Have you ever played a game that can scale to 1000’s of players?  Wow.  Just wow.

Parents you will be happy to know that the game sits pretty squarely in the PG-13 category.  Though there is nothing that is R-rated, there are definitely a few cards you could remove from the deck in order to get it more towards a PG rating.  But, as the game is flexible, that is pretty easy to do.  

All in all, there is something for everyone to like here.  Parents can easily make this game approachable to kids or their adult friends.  The components are great, the game play is fun, and most importantly, the game just has a way of connecting people together with laughter.  Isn’t that the definition of a good game?

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