Such a great action packed game for geek families!

Man, Passport Game Studios (makers of the amazing game Tokaido) is on a roll!  Warehouse 51 is one fun game.  My family played this with 5 players ages 9 -40, and boy did we make a lot of noise while playing it!  The game is basically an auction game where players are bidding to win old relics from our history.  As the player in the game, you job is to buy these relics with your gold and score enough valuable relics to win the game in the end.  However there are some major fun catches to this game.

The first major catch is that there are counterfeit relics in the game.  These are relics that only some of the players know are fakes!  So, there is a huge element of sneakiness going on in this game that we just adored.  See, people are frequently bidding up other players, knowing full well that the item they are bidding on is completely worthless.

Another catch is that when you win the bidding war, you don’t put your money in the bank, you give it to the person left of you.  So, often in the game, people are actually rooting for other players to win the auction just so they can get a huge influx of gold!  So fun.

It should be noted that each relic gives you more powers in the game as well; thus, making each auction a lesson in strategy.

All in all, my family had an absolute blast playing Warehouse 51.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic and somewhat frantic game with high levels of fun and thrills.  Seriously, everyone in my family loved this one!