What an awesome, fun, and inexpensive card game for the family!

Red7 is a surprising game on many levels.  First it is a beautiful game for what it is.  There really are only cards of different colors here, but as vibrant as the colors of the rainbow are, it is actually a pretty game.

The rules of Red7 are quite simple and complex at the same time.

On a simple level, you are dealt cards and trying to win every time it comes to your turn. If you win, you get to stay in the game.  If you lose, you are out.  The way you win is simple at first.  You just play the highest numbered card of the most valuable color.  However, things change pretty quickly.  This is where the game is a little bit similar to the Ungame or House Rules Uno in that every time someone takes a turn, they also have the option of changing the rules of the game so they are winning.

Now, that sounds like just pure chaos similar to what is experienced in the Ungame.  However, this is really a strategic chaos.  In fact, if you do not plan for the changing of the rules, you will lose.  Thus, the strategy of the game becomes not only to win on your turn, but to play in such a way that you are also setting yourself up for a future victory, and thwarting others from doing the same.  
So the reason I was so surprised with this game was that I was thinking it would just be a game that was complete chaos.  One in which you could never really plan anything because it was always changing.  However, I am delighted to report the game not only allows for planning, it requires it if you want to stay alive!

It should be noted that I also loved that the rule changes were simple to follow and thankfully written on whatever the top card of the deck is at the time.  This alleviates any frustration of forgetting what rule is in play.

All in all, Red7 is a fantastic little game that should be added to anyone’s game collection as a family friendly fun quick strategy game easily played by all ages.

You can buy the game here on Amazon!