Compose Yourself Game is Genius Family Fun

Having 6 kids I have found one truth about music.  It is not easy!  Most of my kids at one time or another have decided they were going to be a master musician.  They were going to dedicate their life to the craft.  And then, a week or two later, they realized that it would actually take work to learn to play an instrument.  Compose Yourself fixes that problem!

After playing with Compose Yourself for mere seconds, you children will eb able to compuse a beautiful perfect sounding piece of music played by a full orchestra.  It almost sounds too good to be true.  But it is!

The game comes with a deck of transparent cards that can be used no mater what side or direction they are on.  You simply lay out any number of cards in any order in any direction.  Next you put the number on the crads into the computer (Super simple – will take about ½ a second to learn how) and press play. 

Your children will immediately feel like they have accomplished something great!  More importantly, they will have a spark of interest in music.  On the computer they will see the same arrangement of cards as they had made with hteir physical cards and they can begin to arrange them in new orders.  This allows them to do little musical expirements to see how the differnet notes in different places and shapes make different noises. 

This game basically introduces kids to someon of the basic foundations of music composition.  And, it does it in a fun way that will make your kids want to learn more and possibly take their new interest to the next level.  What more could you ask for from a deck of cards?  So cool!

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