This Board Game Will Make you A Math Genius, and It is Actually Way Fun!

I have a 9 year old that does not really like to do much unless it involves him running around with a ball of some sort.  If you force him to do something, he may or may not like it.  The problem is getting him to agree to sit down long enough to try.  We have tried board game after board game.  He NEVER wants to even try them.  Well surprise surprise.  Once he found out that Prime Climb was a math game, he was in and asked several times if we could play it.  Yes!!!

The even better news is that once we played it, he was hootin’ and hollering the whole way through.  Who knew a math game could be so loud and fun?!  As soon as we finished the game, he immediately wanted to play again.  It should be noted that his 7 year old brother was not far behind.  He also had a blast playing and could not wait to introduce it to his twin 15 year old brothers. 

The game play is actually quite simple.  The goal is to get to the end of the number track (101 points).  You score points by rolling dice and making math decisions that move you along the numbered path.  For example, lets say you are standing on the number 10.  You roll a five and now you are faced with some decisions.  You can simply add 5 and stop on 15.  Or, you can subtract 5 and stop on 5.  You can also multiply by 5 and stop on 50, or you can divide by 5 and stop on 2.  Now, you might be thinking why would I ever do anything but go forward?  2 reasons:  1) If you land on the same space as someone else, they go back to 0.  2) If you land on a prime number, you get a card that gives you special powers.  These special powers can be anything from adding 5 to wherever you land, to switching places with the nearest player to you. 

The game itself is well made with high quality pieces, box, and board.  The instructions are short and easy to understand (just how we like them!) Also, the numbers on the path are color coded so that people can tell which numbers are prime and they can do multiplication and division even without knowing how to do multiplication or division.  All in all this is a fantastic racing to the finish style game.  The fact that it uses math to accomplish this is a bonus that just makes you feel smart.  Plus, it is actually makes you smart!  What more can you ask for in a game?     
You can find it here on Amazon!