This is the True Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Up to The Force Awakens!

"Ultimate" does not really begin to describe the depth of the coverage of the Star Wars universe here.  You mind will really be blown with how much is completely crammed in to this book. 

Imagine even the most obscure character from a galaxy far far away.  You know the one.  The guy in the back of the bar that had exactly .2 seconds worth of screen time in a decades long film history.  Yeah, that guy.  He is in here.  Seriously, and he even has a bit of a write up about his history in the context of the franchise. 

Wow is the only thing that can be said. 

When DK says they are making the "ultimate" guide, let it be known, no one will ever be able to one up them.  This book has every character from all 6 of the original movies and 2 tv shows.  If you’re looking for a complete and comprehensive look at every character, every ship, and every planet from every movie and show … look no further. 

Ultimate Star Wars also does a great job of having everything neatly organized for those endless nights of frantically comparing random events and characters with their more random ships and planets!  It is a complete nerd fest within these pages and we could not be the happier for it!

For the nerdy Star Wars completest in you.  This is the end of your completest journey.  It is all here for you to enjoy!  Good luck in your sci-fi man cave reading for the next 6 months. 

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