FoxMind Games Creates a Brilliant Boardgame with One Piece of Rubber!

If you had told me that one single piece of rubber would provide hours of strategic board game fun for my family a week ago, I would have thought you were crazy.  Now, if you had told me it came from FoxMind Games, I would have believed you!  So far, FoxMind games has been on a winning streak at our house.  They just seem to put together these clever little games with clever little components that capture our family's imagination every time!  Go Bong! is another one that fits the bill.

So, with Go Bong! you have basically a very sturdy everlasting sheet of packaging bubbles.  seriously, once you press the bubbles on one side, you just flip them over and do the same on the other.  This clever little mechanic makes it perfect for a slew of games that would normally require tons of pieces, but now are found on one addictive piece of rubber.
Go Bong! comes with instructions for several games included.  In short, my family is yet to find one they don't enjoy!  This is true for all of my children from ages 7 to my brother in law that is a computer programmer. 

It should be noted that I have one son that hates board games, but loves to play all of the games included here just because of the cleverness of the board.  We even spent one afternoon taking a turn and throwing (Frisbee style) the board across the room for the other person to take their turn and back again.  What a delight.  I couldn't be more happy with this game.  FoxMind has done it again! 

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