Latice is a Fun Family Game Your 6 Year Old and Your Grandpa Can Play together!

I have six kids. Some of them love deep strategy that will last for hours on end. However some of them would rather go to the dentist daily than have someone make them sit down for more than 20 minutes to play a board game. Enter Latice! The game is for 2-4 minutes ages 6 and up and takes about 20 minutes to play.

the first thing, I loved about Latice, was that it took about 5 minutes to learn how to play. Though some of the rules were a little unclear, the game was simple enough that we were able to fill in the gaps and begin our play within moments. This is especially important for my younger ones who have no tolerance for lengthy rules instructions. Seriously, some were board with the 2 minutes it took to explain this one (and their dad reviews board games for pete's sake!)

So the gameplay here is quick to understand. You basically have 21 tiles, and are trying to get rid of them all first. You do that by playing them on the board. However, you can only play it on the board if it matches the shape or color of the pieces you play it next too, kind of like scrabble and dominoes. When you do certain things, you get gems, which then allow you to either take extra turns, or by a special power (a one time ability to move someone else's piece on the board). That is it. Like I said, simple instructions!

I particularly loved the dynamic that if you played your hand well, it was easy to play several tiles every time it was your turn. This increased the further the game was played, making the end fairly frantic and fun.

All in all, my family had a great time playing this super simple game that I can easily see adults getting into as you do have soooooo many options of where to play with each turn. Great and fun little game!

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