National Geographic Has A Winner on Their Hands for Smart Party Game Enthusiasts!
First off.  National Geographic is got to be one of the coolest brands anywhere.  Pretty much, if you put a National Geographic brand on something, people are going to take it seriously.  Brain Games proves they should!

There are several types of party games out there.  Some are designed to make you look foolish.  Some are designed to just make you laugh.  Some are designed to show your creativity.  And then, there are the party games that are meant to have you flex your mental muscle a little bit.  Brain games falls in to the latter category.

Basically, this is a game that gives you a brain teaser for every turn you have.  Sometimes those brain teasers have you pitted against another player in a battle of the mind.  Other times, it is up to you and you alone to solve the riddle. 

I sat down to play this with all of my kids at once.  I am happy to report that my kids were quite pleased with the brain teasers in the game.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but mainly fall into one of four types: Visual, Language, Logic, or Manual Dexterity.  Though all where quite enjoyable, the dexterity ones and the visual ones were the biggest hoot with my crowd (probably because they took the least brain power and thus were the most fun and easiest to get into).

The game has a nice board a nice components that have you rolling dice and moving around the board trying to collect one of each of the 4 types of brain teasers before you can win.  This will most assuredly remind gamers of the renown Trivial Pursuit.  However, my crew all felt, the game could be just as fun and played in shorter time frames, if we just mixed all of the brainteasers together and brought them out for a quick 10-15 minute brain challenge from time to time if there was not an hour or two of game time available.

All in all this was a great game to get the kids and I thinking.  Some of the brain teasers are wicked fun while others are quite the fun challenge.  So if you’re looking for a new twist on the old Trivial Pursuit formula, I would say we have found a worthy contender that is sure to please families with a wide range of ages! 

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