Telepathy is a Unique Blend of Battleship and Mastermind!

Telepathy is a fun and simple blend of battleship, and codebreaker. It takes about 5 min to learn, and around 15 min to play. The suggested age limit is 10, but a younger child could probably grasp it pretty easily. The game says it is for 2 players but it does have alternate rules for team play.
The quality of the pieces is pretty nice, and I personally liked the player boards because it actually feels like a board instead of a card. Plus, there is a ton of color in the board, which is good for keeping little minds interested!

So how do you play?  Well to begin, you each take a player board, and a dry erase marker. You then pick one of the squares on your 18X18  board. You then right its color and symbol on your blinder. Next, you take turns asking about squares on your board. If your chosen square shares a characteristic with the one your competitor asked about you say “Yes.” If it shares no characteristics, you say “No.” If they say “No,” you mark out any square with those characteristics. Once you have narrowed it down enough to where you think you know what square they chose you announce that you are guessing and choose a square. If you are right you win! If you are wrong you lose :(  So, you better be sure before you guess you have it right.  I liked this element of the game as it eliminates those games where someone can just guess and guess until they get it right.  After the guessing is done, you then erase your boards, and can play again.
Overall, I thought this was a pretty good game.  It plays just like a splendid mix between the classics Battleship and Mastermind.  So, if you have someone in your family that gets a kick out of either of these classics, give telepathy a go for a unique spin on this familiar formula.  They will definitely have a good time doing so.

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