One More Brilliant and Clever Foxmind Game for Families!


Whenever my family receives a Foxmind games to review, I can rest assured that the game will almost always be stellar. Without fail, Foxmind games seems to have a real knack for putting out clever games with clever pieces and clever game mechanics. Maze Racers is no exception to this pattern of quality products.

So, how does it work? Well, every kid I have ever met loves mazes. And eventually, kids figure out that they can even make mazes. It is just fascinating to them! Somehow, Foxmind Games has figured out how to make a board game out of this!
So the way it works is that each player has a set of pieces with which to create a maze on the board in front of them. The players will determine how much time they have to create their maze masterpiece. For some this will be 30 seconds and for others they will give each other 10 minutes.
The board itself is either metal or magnetic (not sure which) and all of the pieces of the maze are magnetic as well. My kids and I had a blast making these mazes again and again. It was a like a sandbox for maze pieces.
But, building them is half the fun. Once you are finished, you switch boards, and race each other to see who can finish the maze your opponent completed the fastest. Simple. Clever. Outstanding. The game is all about racing and creativity and logic and about a hundred other things. We just loved it! As a bonus, my son and I even used one of the boards to create a make-do hockey game with obstacles and bonus points throughout. With the magnetic pieces included, I can see tons of kids creating their own board game masterpiece as well. We were very proud of our own hockey game by the time we were done.

All in all, Foxmind Games remains one of my favorite game developers with this new addition. We just can’t wait to see what they do next!

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