Here is How to Enjoy AliceThrough The Looking Glass Even Though It Kind of Stinks

Yes, there are some major problems with this outing for Alice.  But there are still plenty of ways to enjoy this film and have a great time at the movies!  Hopefully with this review pointing you in the direction of what to focus on and watch out for, you will be well on your way to a delightful time! 

What not to expect:

Do not go see this movie with the hope of seeing a masterclass in character development.  You will be disappointed as many of the actions and plot points do not seem to make much sense or connect the audience super well to the characters.  Everyone and everything is just too zany to make sense of it all.  But, that is kind of the point of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland isn’t it? 

The first major reason you go to watch this movie is to see Johnny Depp be completely lost in his character.  I am not sure this will make you love the Mad Hatter as he is most certainly mad in this.  However, it is pretty amazing to watch Depp transform into a character that is not recognizable as Depp any more.  By the end, you really wonder if Depp has gone mad.  That is some great acting even if it is for a very unrelateable character.

The second way to enjoy this movie is to think of it as a moving abstract painting only.  The visuals are once again stunning in this.  Again and again, you senses will be shocked and amazed and delighted at the sights to behold in this Wonderland.  Just seeing the art on display is worth the price of admission. 

Another way to enjoy this movie is to focus on the other players besides Depp.  This is Alan Rickman’s final vocal performance for Pete’s sake!  For those that loved the man who played Snape in the Harry Potter series, this is quite a fun send-off film for him!  Or how about comparing this to the Muppets 2011 reboot movie as they were both made by the same director.   Plus, let us not forget Oscar Nominated Actors Sacha Baron Cohen, Anne Hathaway, and Helena Bonham Carter  are all present in this movie!

Finally, the last way to enjoy this movie is to just enjoy the genius of the plot ideas.  A movie about the origin story of the Mad Hatter or the Red Queen, would have been cool enough.  But just think of the richness of the idea of Alice going to Wonderland and then traveling back in time IN WONDERLAND.  It is crazy talk and just a fun idea.  Plus it is interesting to see where the film went wrong having had such an intriguing plot idea.    
So in the end, while it is true this movie is crazy and completely incoherent in points, if you are focusing on the right parts of the movie, it is still quite fun to watch.  So, I would say soak up the zany and enjoy another trip to Wonderland.