How to Enjoy X-Men Apocalypse Even Though It Kind of Stinks (No Spoilers)

The first X-men movie ever was also my first time ever being introduced to these characters.  Yes, I was a noob.  However, that introductory flame turned into a raging fire for all things Marvel.  So naturally, coming into the 47th (just kidding) X-Men movie, I was hoping for greatness.  This was especially the case seeing as it was directed by Brian Singer that had done such a great job on the last X-men movie.  Plus, this one was set in the 80’s: my generation, baby!  How could it go wrong?
Here is what not to expect:
Here are two simple things that make the comics great and last forever:  1) There is a HUGE roster of crazy mutants with vastly different abilities that always keep the action fresh and exciting, and 2) It is a great soap opera played out in comic after comic.  Unfortunately, this movie shows us mostly the same old characters (with like 3 new ones kind of) with the same old dilemma   (Should mankind be wiped out because they are mostly mean to the mutants?). 
Here is what to watch for to enjoy the movie:
  1. Big Action - Well the good news is X-Men Apocalypse is a pretty great super hero movie in terms of what it does well.  I don’t care how the critics slice it and dice it, the film is still an amazing spectacle.  Just when you think it can’t get bigger, it does.  Just sit back and be amazed at the huge set pieces with amazing special effects happening all around.   
  2. Nerd Cred - One thing a geek loves is inside jokes and small references to the known Marvel Universe.  Well, they are here in spades. 
  3. Marvel Humor – One of the things that Marvel has over DC in the cinematic world is that Marvel feels that superhero movies should not only be fun, but funny.  Well, thank goodness, Apocalypse has many of these little shining funny little interpersonal moments between the characters. 
X-men Apocalypse is not to be missed.  No matter what criticism is thrown at the movie, at the end of the day, it is still a decent X-men movie that is totally worth watching.  No, it is not First Class or Days of Future Past, but it is still pretty fun if you go in hoping to see some crazy action with some crazy super mutants.