Spookies is like the fun and scare level of Disney's Haunted Mansion in a Board Game Form for the Family!

I am not one to play game that take me 3 hours to learn how to play. I am way to ADD for that! Not to mention, I have 6 kids that are even worse than me about learning how to play long new games! So when one like Spookies comes along, we are delighted to give it a go.

Spookies is a fun little family friendly game that takes all of about 3 minutes to learn how to play. Even then, you can learn how to play by watching the 2 people before you take their turns. It really is one of the fastest games to learn that still has a good amount of strategy involved.

The way Spookies works, is that you are basically trying to score points by moving higher and higher through the haunted house. the higher you go in the house, the more points your score. However, the higher you go in the house, the more risk you take in losing what you have earned. It is the perfect introduction to the press your luck game mechanic for younger gamers.

My kids and I really enjoyed this game. We loved the theme (Disney's haunted Mansion is our favorite too!). And it was just a heck of a lot of fun moving through the haunted house. Every time you roll dice it is an event for the entire family to see if you will win or lose. Many many times during our game there were loud cheers for people when they won or lost.

It should also be noted that the game is a beauty. We loved the artwork in this one. It is a dark but friendly haunted house. the characters are are at once scared, funny.

All in all, I would have to say Haba has done it again with another solid family friendly game your family will learn quickly and enjoy for a very long time!

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