Awesome City Building Card Game for the Entire Family!
Flip City is a new game that comes in a tiny box, yet finds itself being high on strategy.  This game is like a push your luck version of Machi Koro.  Now if you are new to our blog, you may not know, but we are huge fans of Machi Koro.  So saying that Flip City is a mix of any kind with Machi Koro is a huge compliment.  The push you luck element of this game is what makes it fresh and unique. 

Much like Machi Koro, your object is to score points by building a city.  However, this is more about building a city in one turn.  See, every turn you try again to use as many cards as you can in your deck to win on that hand.  You win by scoring 8 points or playing 18 points. 

This game claims to be a 1-4 player game which is true, but be advised that each players turn can take a while as they are trying to play finagle their cards in such a manner that they can score as many points as possible.  This takes a lot of back and forth thinking.  “Should I do this?  But, wait if I do that then I can play an extra card here. “  This means that each turn will be taking a bit of time to get through it.  Some could say this makes for a slow game, but I would say it makes for a great conversation or relaxed game as the other players waiting for their turn can chit chat more while they are waiting. 

It should also be noted that the cards are beautiful.  I really enjoy the artwork here, and am impressed by the fun look and feel of the game.

All in all, I would say this is a delightful game that will require some deep level strategy which is a good thing.  Thus we have a great game in a little box.  How cool is that?
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