The Pied Piper by Iello is One Heck of a Good Starter Board Game for Families!

First, let me say this: Iello makes some of the most beautiful games around.  This bookshelf series they have been putting out is just amazing looking!  Take one look at the Pied Piper game and you will notice a textbook beautiful example of box art.  Any game collector would be happy to display this on their shelf!  This amazing looking game continues when you open the box and see just how high the production values are on this game.  I love the way the box is set up.  It just looks high quality and super inviting to play.  Plus the pieces are unique and charming looking. 

So, how does the game play?  Well, I would say really good.  I have played tons of board games and I must say, the gameplay is unique to anything I have ever played and yet, it still manages to stick with the theme of the Pied Piper fairy tale! 

So the game basically works by having you move mice through both yours and other players houses.  You do this by playing cards that tell the gaming crew which mice will move next and in what direction.  Unfortunately, every time a mouse moves through your house, you take  a hit.  Once you have taken the allotted amount of hits you are eliminated from the game.  Your goal is to be the last man standing.
I loved the ease of play here. It takes all of about 3 minutes to explain to any level of gamer how to play this game.  This makes it perfect for quick games before bedtime or quick games before it is time to leave.  This also makes for a great introduction to board games for the younger crowd. 

All in all, I thought the game was just excellent.  It was fun, fast, and easy to learn.  No to mention it is so good looking.  You will be hard pressed to find a better game for the price and age ranges that will enjoy this game (everyone). 

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