Will This Be Sci-Fi Movies Next Contact or Independence Day? (Awesome Sci-fi Trailer)

Oh, where to begin?  I love sci-fi.  So you know I will not be missing this one.  Plus, we have Lois Lane and Hawkeye!  I love how the beginning feels like a darker Independence day vide.  We have the big mysterious dark ships coming in and settling down near cities.  Rather ominous no?  I then like how we find out that our main heroine will be a woman and that she is a brilliant scientist that will probably be the only one on the planet with the ability to communicate with the other alien species (Kind of like Contact).  There are some great surprise moments in this trailer that I like as well.  First I like finding out that our good genius woman will not actually be the first one to see the aliens.  Not only that, but the guy that just saw them is shaking.  Kind of scary.  Then I liked as she was going up into the ship, that she eventually loses gravity.  Cool and unexpected.  I thought it was a little cheesy and formulaic that she is the only one brave enough to take off her suit to make "real" contact with the aliens. Once we see the alien the first time, I love that it did not look like a guy in a rubber suit.  So far they do not even look humanoid.  Then I think it is a great turn to have the sci-fi trailer not get into the action and destruction but rather the scientific exploration of trying to decipher someone else's language.  Love that stuff.  That rang true with what I loved best about contact. 

Of course the alien would try to communicate with us.  Right?  They are intelligent.  Let's hope that they would try to talk things over first before slaughtering anyone.  I am just hoping the movie doesn't become a brainless action movie where the aliens get mad at us because some lame brain general gets trigger happy and then Lois has to get sweet with them again to save the day.   Please tell us we are in for a plot line we could not imagine.  Now that would be some good sci-fi! .