CVlizations is a fun fast paced family strategy board game!

When you are getting ready to play a new board game, you must always consider your audience.  Do you have a bunch of super intelligent beings, or are dealing with a bag of rocks.  And, if they are bag of rocks, do they need to work on getting smarter, or do you just put out something they will enjoy.  Well, CVlizations is going to be one of those games that have just enough of all of the needed elements to entice most any kind of gamer without being over complex.  In fact, this is probably one of the best things about the game.  A strategy game that is approachable.  This is perfect for my gaming family of all ages!

Without getting in to all of the ins and outs of the rules of this game, know that the rules are pretty easy to follow and will only take around 5-7 minutes to explain to new players.  This is important when you have some players in your group that HATE to learn new games. 

From the title alone you may be a little worried that this is one of those heavy everlasting civilization building games.  The good news is that it is hardly a civilization building game at all.  Sure the theme is here, but take one look at the beautiful and funny artwork, and you will instantly understand that this game is meant for a fast paced fun time, not a brain burner of an evening.   

One of the mechanics I like best in this game is the bluffing mechanic.  The reason it is so good here, is that this makes nearly every move include every player.  I have some people that don’t like to wait their turn, so this is quite helpful to have this mechanic.  Plus, I love the idea that when we reveal our cards at the same time, we are all affected differently.  So cool!

All in all, I love the artwork here, I love the theme.  I love the fast pace of play, I love the fact that there is hardly any turn taking.  All in all it is just a fun game that my family will be playing for quite some time to come!