Top That! Is a Great Super Fast Puzzle Game For Families!

Blue Orange Games has a knack for creating games that are super super simple to learn and play, and yet somehow manage to keep the attention of everyone in the room.  What an accomplishment!  Top That is no different.

Top That is Blue Orange’s latest game that can be taught in under 30 seconds, and yet, everyone at the gaming table will be all in on every round.  Each round takes about 5 seconds to play.  That is right.  Each round takes only about 5 seconds to play.  Not to mention the fact that the game requires no, zip, zero, nada, turn taking.  So if you are dealing with some little ones, or little minds that cannot pay attention unless they are playing, this is the game for them.

To play, one person simply turns over a card, and all of the players, use the pieces in front of them to complete the visual puzzle in seriously no more than 5 seconds.  First one to complete the puzzle wins. 

Shockingly, the magic theme is perfect for this game, as each play is constantly using their magic hat to hide the various items laid before them including the magic rabbit.
All in all, I was quite pleased with Top That!  The theme is great, the components are great, the gameplay is fast and fun.  You will be hard pressed to find gamers that will not be willing to go at least a few rounds of this one whenever you sit down at the table.  Pretty awesome!