Iello finds that perfect cross section of fun game for kids and adults in Aladdin!

Well, one of my all-time favorite Disney movies is Aladdin.  It just hit me at that exact magical moment in life where I was starting to understand the beauty of animation and Robin Williams' comedy.  Plus, I was completely head over heels falling in love with my wife at the time.  So, the movie was magical for me.  The question is, can this game live up to the fondness and affection I have for the source material.  Yes, I know Disney is not the author of the source material really, but in my Disney-loving mind, it is!  Anyway, the answer to the question is a resounding YES!

First, the quality of the components in this game is at the same level as every single game put out by Iello games.  Which means, it is way above the quality of what you would find in a game at Walmart or Target.  These Iello games are just better looking.  In fact, look no further than the artwork of the game itself.  From the design of the packaging, which looks like a book on the bookshelf, to the beauty of the artwork on the game itself, this has high production quality all over it!   Iello’s games are just beautiful, and these bookshelf games in particular are just fun to look at.  Believe me, you’d be proud to have them on display in your book shelf. 

Not to mention that the quality of the game extends into the game play itself.  Probably my favorite part of this whole experience (and really with all of these bookshelf games) is how well the theme of the game incorporates itself into the game play.  This game has treasure chests, genie, lamps, wishes, rubbing the lamp, etc.  It is really fun for people that are fans of the theme. 
And, how is the gameplay itself?  Pretty stellar for a kids game.  Again, it is way better than any kid game offering you will find at Walmart or Target.  There is a speed element (hurray for physical movement!), a press your luck element, a little bit of bluffing, and even a little bit of strategy.  Really, the game has so many elements of gameplay, you would think that there was no way they would go together.   However, they do, and they make it so that any type of gamer can get into this relatively short game.

Thumbs up for me on this game.  Most kids will have a blast playing this one, and even stodgy old adults like me will find something to love and admire about this game!  Great stuff from Iello yet again!