A Star Wars I Spy Game that is as Unique as The Star Wars Universe.

I am fairly convinced that there are not many bigger fans of Star Wars than myself.  And I have labored diligently to bring my 6 kids over to the light side of the force as well.  Now, on the eve of Rogue One being released, you can imagine the sheer joy that fills my household with our Star Wars tickets in hand for the new movie, the Christmas season, and low and behold a new Star Wars game to play!

Star Wars Eye found it is basically a Star Wars version of Eye Spy or Where’s Waldo.  Now, saying something is a “Star Wars version,” has special meaning to me.  Because just about anyone could make a book with Star Wars people and planets and space ships in it, tell you to go find them, and call it a game.  This is actually a special version.

First off, it is not a book.  It is a game.  It is a series of little location boards.  This is important because I thing it looks like really cool planets and I think it adds to the feeling that kids are playing a game that is really meant for them and their little hands.  Also, it is precisely because these boards are so small that children will have distinct advantage over adults that will be staring their eyes to find the tiniest of objects on the boards.
All in all, I really like the production value of this little Star Wars game.  It very easily could have been cheap cash in.  Instead, we are given a treat of a game company that took some time to actually turn an I Spy experience into something little Star Wars fans can be proud of.  Plus, kids will love showing up the adults at finding their favorite items from the Star Wars universe.

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