This Board Game is Pure Action, and I Love it!
Earlier this week I had the privilege of reviewing another manual dexterity game called Stick Stack.  It was great!  When you look at eth cover of this game, you might be inclined to think you are about to get into another manual dexterity game.  However, this game really is not a manual dexterity game so much as it is a family action game. Let me explain.

Usually manual dexterity games require you to build something with a very delicate touch.  The game is all about balancing something just right so the tower does not collapse.  This game throws all of that out the window.  Instead, you are going to be building towers (yes multiple towers) as quickly as possible with barely even a thought for how balanced the thing is.

Another thing that happens during a manual dexterity game is that people are patiently waiting their turn to play.  This creates a lot of focus on the balancing player which is pretty fun in itself.  Again, ka-boom throws all of that out the window!  Now while the main player is building his towers frantically, the other players are doing everything they can to knock down those towers.  No turns!  See, each player is given catapults they will be using to throw dice that hopefully will stop the tower builder from being successful at building towers.
Another fun aspect of the game is that the tower builder can pick easier or harder towers scoring more or less points for completion.  Also, the dice catapulters can land a die on a certain spot on the board making it illegal to build a tower on that spot any more.  And finally, the dice roller can roll a certain die that will give them the power to hit the table one time.

Needless to say, the game is a pure blast to play.  Who doesn’t like knocking down stuff?!  I love that the game is super easy to teach and play, and EVERYONE wants  to play a round no matter what.  This is the mark of game greatness!
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