Best invention for kids that love science!

Ever wonder where your rock came from before you ate it? Haven’t we all? Some rocks just taste better than others. And, frankly, we would all like to know where that savory flavor comes from. The Rock Historifier can help!

All you have to do (before you eat it) is place your new found rock on the base of the Rock Historifier and watch the screen above. The scanner will scan your rock and then show you on the screen above, a video of the history of your exact rock. You’ll see it all: Its humble beginnings under the earth’s core, to its explosive birth by volcano, to millions of years of bugs, animals, and dinos walking right on top of it. If this rock has seen it, you will too.
Brilliant Little Bedtime Conversation Starters:

What is your favorite kind of rock?

What would you do if you found a diamond the size of your arm?