The best invention for someone with a bully in their life!

Gnats are known to be quite the little pests. They fly in your ears and up your nose. Really, they are totally bothersome. Who knew you would be begging for one of these for the rest of your life. They are called Security Gnats.

Once a security gnat is assigned to you, its job becomes to protect you at all costs. Many people buy several of them and let them continually fly around the outside of their house at night. If a bad guy comes within two feet of your home they will receive a sting they will not soon forget. The same will happen to that bully at school or anyone else that comes within your personal space limit. Parents of dating teens are particular fans of these little guys.

Brilliant Little Bedtime Conversation Starters

Who do you know that could really use a Security Gnat?

When would you like to have the Security Gnat the most?