How to Be Better than Facebook

So, in addition to being a geek dad who loves or even lusts after geeky things:), I also have a PhD in marriage and family therapy.  Yay! So, for me part of writing this blog about being a geek dad, is also about writing this blog about being a dad and a husband.  Thus, from time to time, I will include a few things I have learned from time to time to help us all be better spouses and parents in our own little galaxy of the geek universes we inhabit. 

Now, I know many of us, myself included, feel that Facebook is the end all be all to keeping family members updated on the goings and comings of our lives.  It is so convenient right?  It truly is.  I am not a Facebook hater.  In fact, I update the vast majority of my friends and family members by way of photos and videos on Facebook.  I don’t even describe the pictures usually! 

However, I do believe there is something to be said in receiving hand written items in that thing we call the mailbox.  For some reason, it just seems like you care more when you go through the process of picking out the pen, the paper, the envelope, the stamp, writing down the address, and personalizing a message to someone.  I guess the reason it seems like you care more is that it takes more care to do it.

Each week, I write a letter to two people in my life that I fell appreciate getting letters from me.  I don’t think they hang on my every word or anything.  I just think they enjoy opening the mailbox and seeing an update on my crazy family with 6 children.  Both of these people are close enough with us as a family, that they would appreciate being in the know of our lives.  More important than that, I think they just like the feeling that perhaps they have not been forgotten.  Or, that they are important to someone. 

Thus, if you can, write someone a hand written Birthday note, or an anniversary wish.  Use stamps.  Let someone know they are important and meaningful to you.