How to Be a Good Parent While Throwing Nutrition Out the Window

My wife is a genius of the kid kind.  Meaning, she is a genius with kids.We have 6 children, so she has been practicing her genius kid skills for some time.  Well, one of the things she did recently that my kids just adore is date night.

Once a week, on Thursdays, my wife and I separately choose a child and take them on a dessert date.  They get to go to whatever place they want and order whatever dessert they want. My favorite thus far is my 6 year old son who always wants Burger King, where he samples a different dessert each time we go.  I even usually try to overdo it (at least in his mind) and let him get 2 desserts.

Even though this is a little bit of a stretch financially and time wise, I find it to be a great relationship builder with the kids.  They are more than happy to talk about real events happening in their life while we are out having fun together.  It has been a great way to open up conversation with the kids, and allow us the opportunity to establish with the kids that we care about each one of them individually.

Obnoxious Unsolicited Advice: Take your child out on dates where you both get a good treat.  Enjoy the relationship that you are building.  Splurge and get the extra dessert.Strengthening the relationship is the focus, not teaching a lesson about nutritionJ