Look who just got the directors gig for the first Star Wars Spin-off movie!

That's right folks, Mr. Gareth Edwards has officially been hired to be the for director to film a Star Wars spin-off movie. Who's Gareth Edwards? The director of Godzilla! This guy's career is officially on fire! Godzilla is sitting in the 70 percent range on Rotten Tomatoes which is good. But, I am a little nervous as I would love Disney to have hired someone with more directing experience and higher reviews. This is the first Star Wars spin-off people! Disney has to hit it out of the park if they want people to buy in to the idea that we need Star Wars movies every year. I can say that no matter how bad it is, me and my crew of 6 Star Wars kids will be in line for the midnight showing for any Star Wars movie #fatheroftheyearlol.