Why My Daughters Need Wonder Woman

Saw this piece of brilliant art recently and I wanted to share it with my daughters immediately!  So cool.  Anyway, so the world has become enthralled with superheroes.  I could not be any more thrilled with that.  It seems like just about every weekend we have a new one at the multiplex.  Interestingly, the women in these movies are usually supporting players.  Sure, you could cite Black Widow as a major player.  But, really if she was a major player, wouldn't her name be in the title?  I know that in both the Avengers and Captain America Winter Soldier, my daughters loved Black Widow.  They loved her!  I am so glad someone is getting them excited cinematically for superheroes.  But where is a major female driven superhero movie?  Really, where in the heck is Wonder Woman?  At this point, DC should make it just to give girls and women confirmation that geeks care.  I for one fear it is only a matter of time before half of my family decides superhero movies are not for them because they are just silly boy movies.  Hollywood, please don't let superhero movies become the WWF of the cinema landscape.  Give women a reason to be excited for superhero movies.  Give us Wonder Woman!